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EDSITEment provides access to NEH-funded media resources including videos, podcasts, lectures, interactives for the classroom, and film projects. Each resource includes questions to prompt analysis, connections to other NEH-related resources, and links to related EDSITEment lessons and materials.

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The Helen Keller Archive: Access for All

This resource provides access to classroom materials available at the Helen Keller Archive Digitization Project and resources for including the Americans with Disabilities Act within discussions about civil rights in the United States. 

Picturing America: Washington & Selma

Learn about Emanuel Leutze's iconic painting of Washington crossing the Delaware and James Karales's photograph of the Selma-to-Montgomery march for voting rights with NEH-funded Picturing America.

The LGBTQ Community in American History

This episode of BackStory explores the history of gay rights in the U.S., with segments on the career of Harvey Milk and a look at movements for change in California, New York, and the Midwest. Supplemental materials for studying gay rights are also provided. 

Unladylike 2020: The Changemakers

This media resource highlights the NEH-funded project, Unladylike2020, and includes questions to guide students through the viewing of the one-hour special and short videos, along with resources for independent research.

Exploring Local History with Clio

Clio is an educational website and mobile application that guides the public to thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States. Built by scholars for public benefit, each entry includes a concise summary and useful information about a historical site, museum, monument, landmark, or other site of cultural or historical significance.

Voices of Democracy: Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Struggle

The NEH-funded website, Voices of Democracy (VOD), includes a wealth of resources for studying the role of women in the civil rights movement—from the early nineteenth century through the 20th century. This resource focuses on the life and transformative political influence of civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer.

Smarthistory: Art, History, Conversation

Smarthistory is an NEH-funded digital humanities project that offers free resources on art, history, and art history for classrooms and public enjoyment. Curated by scholars from around the world, users will find videos, essays, and insightful commentary about thousands of pieces of art.

Latino Americans: War and Peace

The NEH-funded PBS documentary series Latino Americans chronicles the long history of Latinos in what is now the United States. Episode 3: War and Peace focuses on the contributions of Latino Americans during the second world war and the experience of returning servicemen who faced discrimination despite their service. This resource highlights companion lessons from Humanities Texas.  

Building A More Perfect Union Lesson Book

A collection of essays and lessons created by the National Endowment for the Humanities and National History Day as part of the NEH’s special initiative to advance civic education and the study of U.S. history and culture in preparation for the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.