Media Resource

In the Field: War Ink

“This bridge of this tattoo art—which might at one point have been very taboo—functions well to discuss things that…are not very common or normal in our society. They might be emotionally taboo, they might be things that aren’t normally part of societal discussion. But they need to be.”

—Jason Deitch, former Army medic and military sociologist, “In the Field: War Ink”

Discussion Questions

  • What makes tattoo art a uniquely powerful way to share veterans' stories?
  • Explore some of the interviews and stories on the War Ink digital exhibit. How do they affect you?

About War Ink

War Ink was created to document and share veterans' stories through the tattoos on their bodies. Tattoos provide a unique and powerful way to enter veterans' experiences and to connect veterans and civilians. You can view videos, images, and interviews, and read more about the project, on

Classroom Connections

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