Lesson Plan

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Leadership and a Global Stage

The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Vincenzo Camuccini.
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The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Vincenzo Camuccini.

What if Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was set in a modern and newly independent nation? What do citizens look for in a leader? In this lesson, students not only consider the significance of this updated staging and political quandary, but will address important questions about how and why Shakespeare is adopted, adapted, and appropriated by people around the world in order for them to express their own political and social concerns through the universal language of Shakespeare.

Guiding Questions

Are the leaders we have the leaders we need or want? 

Who has power in a Republic?

How does where and when a play is staged affect interpretations and meaning making?

Learning Objectives

Analyze multiple texts and text types to construct a history of Rome that will serve as the background for reading and performing Julius Caesar.

Analyze the text and performances of Julius Caesar to inform interpretations of character motivations.

Analyze the funerary speeches by attending to rhetorical analysis and concepts related to citizenry, leadership, and the nation.